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Charbarmanning's picture
on February 29, 2016 - 9:05am

First lesson - Drama: I've actually forgotten. Just wait, I need to get in my thinking position. We were put into groups and we had to use the 7 levels of tension in a certain situation. We were given a train crash situation and were given a level of tension each. We were a group of three rather than four like the rest of the groups so we had to have one less level of tension, and that one we missed was the only tension that wasn't panic so we were all running around in circles panicking in our group. Ha panic! . That's what I was doing most of the day.
Second lesson - Science: Got back our tests. I got 42/60. Just 18 marks off full marks. I'm happy with that!
Break: I got toast at break cause I was hungry. At our school they serve food before school, at break and at lunch. It was very nice toast. It was buttery. Hahaha I was just listening to Look Alive Sunshine and then it went 'Listen up' and then skipped to Toby Turner. 'Do you like my sword, sword?' That's it, I'm laughing like mad!
VMG: I wanted to show Eleanor my Ray and the Ways story on this site but of course it's 'blocked' so what I did was searched up my username to see if it appeared in the images. So it didn't so I went onto the sites. As a joke, I clicked the link to my account on here. It worked. I logged on! I GOT ON THIS SITE! I clicked community and then it blocked me. (Sir only blocked the community but he didn't block the whole site) I clicked the back button and realised that I could log in by looking at my blogs and clicking the log in button. I logged in and read some comments. I won't do it again so I don't get into trouble. Eleanor tried to do it with her account but it didn't show up in the sites section so she searched up my account and logged in that way. She started shouting 'WE BEAT THE BLOCK' so I told her to keep the sound down because sir was just across the room. Luckily our room is quite a large room so sir didn't hear her. I hope he doesn't check here all the time.
Third and fourth lesson - Dt Graphics: We were finishing off stuff. I was like blanked out most of the lesson so I wasn't paying any attention to what the people around me, but sir, were saying. Turns out H was trying to talk to me the whole lesson. I felt so bad cause whenever sir stopped us to listen to him, H would be whispering to me 'Why aren't you listening to me?'. I'll do usually talk to H but it's just this lesson that I wasn't paying much attention to him.
Lunch: Normal. I didn't talk to A cause we are only talking these days if we are in the same lesson or just when I'm spamming her on Instagram. I'll talk to her afte I do some more things. I have to type a lot today. I'm so happy I don't have any homework to do today.
Fifth lesson - English: Moved onto another poem. Not much happens in English
Walking up the hill after the bus: Gabby was talking to me about something. Now I won't talk about it on here because it was really personal. I'll leave it at that or else I'll get questions.

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Charbar~