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Watch out Part 2 - Spam filtering

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on February 17, 2016 - 10:13am

Break: I was on my own for a bit at break cause it took me a bit of time to get changed back into my uniform from my pe kit. I went into the caf to find some people. I sat with Liv and Eli, we already have an E and an El, and then I found Sarah and Eleanor. I stayed with them and then we went to VMG. We were followed by Erin and Gabby and we stood outside our VMG until the bell rang. Gabby realised that her VMG was downstairs so she had to run to her VMG.

VMG: Replied to one comment. By the looks of it not many people saw my last blog. Oh well. It wasn't even a comment from my last blog. It was an older one. Me and G were just singing things in the comments.

Third lesson - English: Nothing much.

Fourth lesson - Science: Me and L were putting on our accents again. We were doing it on the way to science. *puts on a heavy Queen's English accent* We do love our tea and crumpets. *goes back to my accent* I'm pretty sure if I carry on with that accent it will become my accent. I was singing Thanks For The Vemon and Headfirst for Halos when the room got quite loud. At one point it quietened down and Liv asked me what I was singing and I said 'Oh it's called Headfirst for Halos' and she goes 'Is that by... by' and I go 'Yeah'. She knows I'm a fan cause of my theme on Instagram. I wish she'd said after that 'Oh that sounds cool. I might start listening' but no she just wanted to know the name.

Lunch: My friend Maddy said that she squashed the spider right at the start of lunch so everyone moved back into that area.

Fifth lesson - Life: For some reason our teacher gave us play-dough and told us to make a situation. While that was happening, I was sat with A, Ai, B, E, Eli and Jess. Btw, they are all girls. Yeah, I really couldn't be bothered asking them if they wanted to be featured in my blog. A was talking with B and B said to the table 'Right guess my crush' and gave us a clue. Do you want to know what the clue was? It was the letters before his initials in the alphabet. She gave me some clues like he was in our Graphics class and after one more hint, I guessed correctly. I'd see them as a couple. No one else could guess.

After school club - Drama: We were in a room for a bit of a talk and then we were kicked out by Dance so we went out into the hallway. At least we had a large space as we were near the entrance of the building. We were doing freeze frames and then we played a game called freeze afterwards until the bell rang.

Bus home: Luckily at our school they have a bus that comes an hour after the end of school so I can get home. I was sat Gabby, Cam and A's boyfriend. If Cam is reading this, sorry about me calling you that. I know you don't like that but I'm running out of names for people cause I only do people's nicknames or possession like boyfriend of ___. Anyway we were talking and Cam started annoying Gabby so she told him to move so she could get me to sit next to her as I was sat Infront of her next to A's boyfriend. A's boyfriend started annoying Gabby she asked him if he would swap places with her. After a bit of time, Cam had to get off so I went and sat next to Gabby.

Now: I'm listening to music. I really don't know what my favourite my chem song is currently cause before my favourite was Headfirst for Halos with Dead! behind it and I haven't heard Dead! In a bit of time and now Bulletproof Heart and Summertime and It's not a fashion statement, it's a death wish, I don't like swearing, and some more are always getting into my head and they are becoming my favourites. I'm not good at picking. Where someone asks me what my favourite _____ is, I pick from my favourites group. It's different every second you ask. I'm not good at making decisions. Neither is my mum to be Frank. It runs in the female side of the family. Do you know what else runs in the family? Headaches and a lot of them. They come randomly. I'm getting a headache currently.


~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~
/| Ps. Second lesson kept being spam filtered so it will be in the comments |\