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Warm Fuzzy Feeling

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Charbarmanning's picture
on September 17, 2017 - 4:32pm

I know this is the MCR site but I just thought I'd mention this because this band is in the same scene. I just finished watching teens react to Green Day and I just have a warm fuzzy feeling inside because of many reasons:

1. The teens were all really nice and no one said that they didn't like the music

2. They played songs that Green Day played live when I went to see them live in July and I was just getting random memories of how they performed some songs and of the catchphrases I left the show with. "Are you calling me a cock sucker?" - BJA July 2017. I kept saying in my head "when they played this live they" everytime a new song would come on

3. It reminded me of how old Green Day is and how people from different generations all love the band. At the show, I saw like 9 year olds as well as people who looked to be in their 50s all there to see such an iconic band. I went to see blink 182 in the same week as when I went to see Green Day but the blink show didn't seem to have the same sort of community vibe in the stands as the Green Day show (may of had something to do with the fact that most of the people around us at the blink show were either drunk or just seemed to only know All The Small Things out of the songs on the setlist). My dad has American Idiot and 21st Century Breakdown on CD and he borrowed my Dookie, Nimrod, Warning and Revolution Radio CDs to put them on his phone soon after I'd bought them

4. It reminded me of how i came across Green Day. I mean I've known of Green Day for ages. I knew their name and their music I just never linked the two. I remember when I first really linked Green Day to their music when I started watching Kerrang TV and how most of the songs that they played I already knew because my dad had the song on his phone plus his CDs I mentioned earlier. It was like rediscovering a timecapsule of all the songs my dad has ever sung around the house when I started watching Green Day segments on Kerrang TV XD

Sorry if this just seems to be a bit weirdly written. I kept adding in sentences but that would make the sentence after make no sense. I'm sure if I didn't stop myself now I would've written for hours! Plus it's a school night and I should be sleeping right now. Tomorrow in English we are writing reviews on either films, books or albums and I have picked American Idiot because it's a concept album so there's tons to write about (plus the first concept album that came to my head was The Black Parade but for our previous writing we did in English I chose to write about Gerard Way and he's an idol so I thought that having more MCR would just be a bit too much)


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