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on February 5, 2016 - 9:05am

Welcome to my summary of my day. Let's start!
Last night: My friend told me that she had, in fact, told my crush that someone likes him but he kind of ignored her and went back to his conversation with someone else. I told her to try again, talking about today. She said will do. I was freaking out. Just ask G. I don't know how long I was holding the shift key on my iPad for. I'm gonna ask her how it went after this. Also I was annoying my friend. She is a fan of 1D and I like My Chem so I kept sending her my chem pick labelled 'Ray has two feet' and then putting under it '[insert her name here]: Louis has two feet' pretending to be her. I did it over 30 times. Facebook just told me to find my friends. Thank Facebook! I really don't have any! xD

Bus: I got a lift down to the bus stop from my mum. The person who is usually at the bus stop either first or second wasn't there. Someone said he got a lift to school. Not much happened but I did get a seat on the bus today so that was a plus.

Before first lesson: I usually walk to lesson with my friend from the bus so we walked down to maths and my friend came out to me either saying my crush's name or mine. They're quite similar so I couldn't tell. Then she said something after it but I didn't understand her as she was mouthing it as we were in a large group of people who don't know who my crush is. I feel like my friend I told to tell my crush had told her to come over to me as it looked like she mouthed 'he already knows'.

First lesson: Maths. We had another teacher watching over the lesson so we had to be on our best behaviours. No cheeky jokes with sir like we usually do.

Second lesson: English. Usual but my table was moved back a bit so we weren't right next to miss' desk.

Break: Usual.

VMG: I wrote a blog and replied to my one comment that I didn't reply to. Looking down at my ripped tights and they are a lot worse at the moment than they were when I wrote my blog about them.

Third lesson: DT Graphics. We were finishing of these assessment things. We were only told today it was an assessment and we started it on Monday and we had two hours on it on Monday. Ha, I have spotify on in the background on shuffle on my chem songs and Look Alive Sunshine just came on, finished at 'Listen up!' and then went into Fake Your Death. Sorry I got distracted. NA NA NA ON! DRUGS GIMME DRUGS GIMME DRUGS! That reminds me.

Lunch: After eating my food, me and a couple friends were stood outside L block waiting to go in as they have opened half of it now. Someone started saying something close to Na Na Na and my friend who loves 1D said ' Don't you dare say it!' and I burst into Na Na Na then was joined by her and three or four others. One of my other fellow killjoys wanted to desperately join us but being the anti-social and awkward person she is, she decided not to. I would of sung the whole song but the bell rang. I kept seeing my crush around and I managed to get into his convo... For a second but then he walked off to the caf, it's pronounced like that by the students but I don't know how to spell it. It's just a shortened version of cafeteria. It was still worth it as I was [_____________________________________________________________________________________________] this close to him! or maybe bigger but you get the point. HE WAS NEAR ME!

Fourth and Fifth lesson: French. I learnt frenchy stuff. That is probably the time she told my crush because she is in his class then. I might write a comment about my love at the moment as well I have a crush and then the 'parts' as I nickname them. One of the parts was in my class so I was trying to look cute in front of him. I'll explain what the parts are either in a blog or a comment. More people are likely to see a blog but then a comment will show that this is what I mean by there is blog about the 'parts'. You decide. You have a lot to do in the comments. Oh and G, DOA and M, I can tell you early if you want on talk.

I'll end it here as I am gonna star blurting out lots of stuff. I am quite talkative when it comes to my life. I like to tell my true tale / story
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~