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Walk around a bit. It will calm you down.

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 15, 2016 - 11:49am

So the highlight of today was in French for once.

We walk into the classroom and it's boiling hot in there. Well before that, I looked across the corridor at the class there because that's where my crush was. I think he say me enter the room because he was near the window as I entered. The teacher came round and handed us sheets saying 'How to revise for your controlled assessment' in bold at the top. Well, I'm not prepared for a test that is literally 15% - 25% of my grade and the end of Year 10.

So I was panicking inside. Ha Panic. I'm currently listening to Let's Kill Tonight. I wasn't showing it on the outside apart from the fact that I was very slow with my actions like 10% slower than the rest of the people on my table. All the pressure got to me too heavily so I just stopped revising. It didn't help that it was boiling in the room so I was boiling up because of my panic and because of the temperature of the room. I asked my friend to ask miss if she'd open the window. The window was opened but being on the other side of the classroom didn't help so I decided to pretend I needed the toilet to get some fresh air in to calm me down. I got my planner signed so I could leave the classroom and just opened the door and walked out. As I walked in the corridor, I looked into my crush's class and I think he saw me. I was in L block and the toilets in L block have been locked since they got the new doors in so since April last year. Sometime around then. I had to walk to U block. That meant I could go out of the building and into the breeze. It was cold but it was a good chill. It felt better than being in the classroom. I was enjoying it so much that I walked the long way round to the toilets so I was outside for longer.

When I got to the toilets, I didn't use it because I didn't need it. I just needed an excuse to calm myself down. I sat on the toilet seat and put my head in my hands. Luckily, the U block toilets are full rooms apart from like a crack under the door so I had a bit of room to walk around. After a minute or so of walking around the room, I left the toilets and went back out and into the cold. It was refreshing and I wished that I could have all my revision lessons out side so I can calm myself down. I got back to the classroom and did better job at revising than I did when I first got into the classroom.

I get really stressed when I'm revision for tests. Sometimes the stress turns into anger, sometimes into upset and sometimes into panic. I don't think I'm ever happy whilst revising and that's why I find it hard to tell myself to revise.

Now with this test coming up I have to revise. Luckily the test isn't until after the week off school next week so I'll have time to revise during that time. Now let this be a warning. If I'm not on many of these sites then that will be why. I'll be trying to persuade myself to revise. If the weather is good then I'll do what I used to do and go out into the garden with a blanket and lay down on the grass and revise out there with the breeze to calm me down. I may even put some music on quite quietly to calm me down but not to distract me.

We find out on Friday what the test is about so I'll have a better idea of what to revise. I won't start revising now because I know that not knowing what the test is about will make my revise sessions into just a shouting rant against my dad. 'HOW AM I MEANT TO REVISE WHEN I DONT KNOW WHAT TO REVISE?'. I just can't tell myself to revise everything just incase. I'm not like that. It has to be specific. If it isn't then the stress will turn to panic then to anger and there will be no progress. I rarely revise for tiny tests because I know all it will do is that. Big tests I try to revise at least every day from the day I find out what the test is about till the day of the test.

Well let's just hope for good weather! *crosses fingers*
~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~