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Waiting on the new bus

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on February 19, 2016 - 8:53am

I had a really good name for this blog earlier but I forgot it so I'll name it at the end. Let's get into the day. Oh I've forgotten what lessons I had today. It's been one of these days where I have been yawning all day so I haven't been paying much attention to what order my lessons were in. Okay I have my timetable let's go!

Bus: Can't wait for the new bus. That was the title! Okay, I've filled it in. Yeah, it was really busy. I don't know how many people I was squishing by just being there. I don't know what is going to happen about this new bus. Hopefully it isn't going to start at the start of the new school year. The longest amount of time I can wait for it is after the Easter break. The shortest is next Monday.

First lesson - Maths: We were doing this murder mystery thing using perpendicular bisectors. I have remembered the name now. We had to work out who killed three people in one town. They had six suspects who were all cartoon characters from tv shows. There was Mr Burns, Gary the snail, Stewie, Kenny erm some more. I've forgotten the rest but that's cause my partner worked one the others. Turns out the killer was Mr Burns

Second lesson - English: Got bored so I took my pencil and I was drawing lines on my hands and arms. They made my skin turn red on the area so I cleared off the pencil markings and left the red marks. I must have been in a daze because I wrote my crush's initials on my arm but luckily they were easily covered up by my school blazer. Yeah, the red marks last for a couple hours. They have gone now. The ones that lasted the longest were some triangles I drew on my wrist but that's because I kept adding to them through the day.

Assembly: It was Year group assemblies this week, well part of this week, so I was on second break today. It was a praise assembly. I got praised twice but it was part of some like full class/ large group praises. I was praised with my English class and because I did the drama show. By the way it was called Arrival. That's why when I first read DOA's name, I laughed. My crush got praised quite a bit. He got praised for getting all E1s on his report. Oh great that gives away my crush to anyone in my year group. They do these things where if you get nearly all E1s then you get to have an afternoon tea with our head of year. I'm so wishing I get invited because my crush always gets invited. If you can't tell, I'm not really into bad boys. I prefer the good ones. I might get A to get this crush on him into a relationship. I think he's like has had a girlfriend before and that was when he was in primary school. I used to be best friends with this girl who went to primary school with him. Hahaha B.F.F by Frank just came on! Apparently he actually asked her out by giving her a Valentine's Day card years ago. I know he has asked out Sarah before and she said now. I always used to complain in my head because at the time I thought of myself as a kind of mix of the two. I had the interests of my old best friend and the jokes of Sarah and kind of a bit of her personality knocking out her love for 1D. I'm gonna talk to A after this. See if she isn't with anyone from school first.

Break: I made Livvy guess who my crush was. She guessed after about a million clues. One of them was he was mention in the assembly and she remembered the initials of him and his surname but not his first name so she was saying silly names until I gave her a large clue. I'm not tell you that cause Eleanor uses this site and I know she wouldn't have been paying much attention in assembly. I know her well.

Third lesson - Dt Graphics: We were doing this thing where you have to talk about your target market for our pop-up books that we are going to start soon. Sir said on Monday that it's best to target it towards people like you so my customer loves MCR, Dan and Phil, Tomska, Eddsworld, merch, darker colours although I prefer neon colours but darker colours go better with my music personality. New world by Skydoesminecraft just came on. I haven't heard this in ages. Sky/Adam has such a beautiful voice. He such sing more often. His last singing video was a special one for Chraitmas last year. Before then it was back when he did sing offs with other mine craft youtubers. Oh going off on a tangent there. Back to DT, Maddie was searching up pictures to put on her work and she searched up her account name for loads of social media sand she started freaking out when she didn't have to finish it and it came up as a search suggestion on Google. She was turning towards me and just saying 'I need to post this on Instagram'. I said to her 'Tag me in it' ;). She does like drawing videos on YouTube and posts her art on Instagram and Twitter and many more sites. She actually has a mini fan base even though she only draws pictures of mine craft youtubers like stampy and Netty. She hasn't posted it yet and if she has then she didn't tag me in it.

Lunch: I didn't see C, my nickname for my crush, in the caf today. I guess he only sat on that table for a odd movement. It's weird that I talk about him this much although the last time we had a conversation like 'Hi ____' was Year 7. I'm in Year 9 now. 2 fudging years. It's about time I told A to tell him. I have talked to him but he probably doesn't even know my name. I wish he'd join drama club again. He was in drama on a Wednesday in Year 7. I told (what's his nickname?) H (I'll go with that although I don't know what I've called him in the past) who also used to go that I'm the only Year 9 and he said he'd tell the other Year 9s who used to go if they'd join. He never did join. I'll remind him again on Monday if it comes up in conversation. When I left the caf and went out into Quad, it was really empty. After a while it started filling up again. I guess it was just Fish and Chips Friday and the queues are massive on Fridays. When were allowed out of the Quad, I went and stood outside of L block with A, Livvy and Maddie and my crush walked past and his cousin was hanging onto his bag. A shouted towards them 'Ha gay!' and then turned to me and said 'Sorry'. I know it's a joke but that wasn't a nice thing to shout at someone even if it's true or a lie like it was that time. I'm happy Livvy and Maddie weren't paying attention at the time. Oh A Call to Arms by Missing Andy just came on.

Fourth and Fifth lesson - French: We were doing far future tense. Not much to say. That's really it!

Home: Most of the red marks have gone so I can show my arms again. I'm just looking at my pencils and looking at the pattern that I put on them. I scrapped off the yellow and black paint and took a highlighter and highlighted them both different colours. One of them is green and the other is orange but I tried to go over it about a million times to make it red. It has an accent side that's red. It was too much work to keep going over it. Then after they have been fully highlighted I took my pen and drew some black lines all over them. They actually look really good. The next pencil I get I'm gonna make that on pink and the one after that will be yellow. I think the orange one looks the best although it's only been orange for less that a week whereas my green one has been green since December. Why does the orange one look better? Because it kind of blends. It has some yellow sections and some red. It looks like a flame. I wanted it to be like blood but a flame will do. I need a red highlighter for a red pencil. Oh and also in maths I took the whiteboard pen and went over some of the black lines so it has some lines thicker than others. It looks awesome. I my have made a mess when taking the paint off the pencil because I had to use tables and rulers and the paint went on the floor. Awh, my mum just came over to me with a hot chocolate and a biscuit to dip in it. Thanks mum!

I'll end it here. It will just last for hours if I continue for too long. See ya!

~Charlotte, Charlottie or Cha Cha Slide~