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An update on my life (for those of you who care)

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The Professional Procrastinator's picture
on January 22, 2018 - 10:23pm

So if you look back on this account you will see that I have not been on here in almost two years. I was a sophomore in high school with a boyfriend and I was depressed. I am now a senior about to exit high school and enter college where I was accepted into Harvard. That boyfriend that was on most of my old posts ended up cheating on me and we split a year and 1 day after our anniversary... Guys suck. I got a job and I work 9+ hours a day. I have sense joined 8 clubs, I am the President of 4 of them and the vice president of 2. I joined swim team after field hockey ended (I played for 4 years) and that's been going okay I guess. I am no longer depressed and I have become a happier person (even though I'm always tired) I have been an over all busy person but sometimes busy is good. I have kept up with my grades and have A honor roll and I move out of my parent's house soon and it's a strange and scary feeling. Finally on this update I am no longer emo... I still listen to MCR but I haven't had the swoopy bangs since I was 16 so that's a major change. Well it's been real