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chpeverill-conti's picture
on November 20, 2017 - 5:48am

i guess there will be two posts in a row from me cause you guys gotta pick up the pace! if this were i posting competition id totally be kicking your asses.
puppy update: Spencer's mountain emailed us back. they're exclusively an aussie breeder.they said they have a litter due around december 2nd! and they do do screenings for genetic mutations and all the weird eye problems Australian shepherds can get. like having no eyes, cataracts, or missing part of the pupil. I think they look good but they don't let you visit the puppy until you get to bring it home, cause someone tracked in illness once and got the litter sick.
class in a few hours. its my social welfare class.
sorry for that weird post last night. i sorta shut down. and i shut down harder than i have in a while (like since i graduated high school in the summer). Dyl was really worried about me. felt bad about that. but this shit keeps happing to me and i can't help it. he knows that. it just sorta sucks. the dissociations, the anxiety, the numbness, the lack of emotions/muted emotions. it happens every day. although I haven't dissociated that i've noticed in about 3 days. so that's good.
making my grandma a pussy hat, like they wore at the women's march all over the USA. she should like it :)
have support group today. i'm actually kinda excited. the people there are very nice. we have a good group right now. usually, we go in and do the rose (something good that happened) the bud (something you're looking forward to) and thorn (something that didn't go well). then we circle around the group and talk about things ED related or not that we need support on.
I guess that's all i have to say for now.