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Uh.. HI?

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lostn'foundagain's picture
on April 8, 2015 - 8:00am

I rarely ever get on here anymore. After the whole glitch with the site, I gave up hope. I go to post a blog, and it just never happens. So, *if I actually click post for this one* here's the first blog in a long while.
I have continued with my poetry, lyrics, and tattoo designs. In a way, I have become the therapist for my friends and sister, my father suggested a career in psychology. Not too sure on that as a career though cause I'm set on being an artist.
I began exploring the idea of being a man, as that idea has always caught my interest, and I have announced that I am bigender/genderfluid.. I am not developing in my feminity, so I look like a boy. And I feel comfortable with that. Actually, I have been binding **what little I have of** my chest.