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today and yesterday's update

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 10, 2018 - 4:52pm

it's Saturday. great to have a break from school.
feeling a bit less depressed since i upped my mood stabilizer :)
insurance FINALLY got back to me! they approved IOP. they said i can go on Monday, and they tend to approve 6 days at a time so i'm good for two weeks of iop :)
last night I was NOT doing well. i was searching and looking at mega triggering pictures of skinny girls. I was counting up what i'd eaten that day... i went on sites that can only hurt me. but then my boyfriend texted me about hanging out, so i went and picked him up and talked to my therapist in the car and that helped a whole bunch. he stayed the night and that was a good time.
tomorrow mom, my aunt and myself are going to a cool vintage flee market. i'm very excited!
it was really warm today, about 50F which is a LOT considering that its January.
today was pretty boring. drove to Canton with mom to pick up some auction items she won.
I've been pretty lonely since i left high school. i'm trying to find people to hang out with on meetup, i actually signed up for a bulldog play group that meets march third, i'm going to bring Lola!
anyways, that's all fort today.