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Thank you! :)

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Imke Gr.'s picture
on October 6, 2017 - 11:47am

Hey Fellas!
I just wanna say thank you for all the People who are reading this blog now. Thank you for leaving comments. I don't know if I ever said thank you in my Blogs but I really appreciate (Am I spelling it right? If I'm not sorry I'm german ;)) this community and that someting like this is possible. I dunno if other musicians do that. Making a community for the fans. Thanks to every comment I get. I know I've said in my last blog that I worry cause I don't get Feedback and responds anymore. But now you left so nice comments. Thank you...Do I even deserve that? I don't fuckin know. I think everybody deserves the Feeling of being welcome. Doesn't matter where and I get this Feeling now everytime. In School I have a few friends. I never had this Feeling before. Today I met with one of my best friends. We were just drinking a hot chocolate in the coffee shop but I enjoyed the time with her. In my Family is everything perfect. I have a huge and lovely Family with a lot of siblings (11) and this feels great. My sisters and my Brothers are always there for me. My parents are, too, but I guess it is better to talk to the sister or brother when I have some Problems. Can you understand that? And in the community...I just fit in and I had nothing to do for it. I didn't have to explain anything. And yesterday the sarcastic Boy sent me a voice message. Do you remember him? He was the only one who hasn't repond to my "friend request". He said that a friend is someone for him who he can always talk to and who does every shit with him and it is a Person who has the same tastes. And then he said that he like me and he Thinks I am a really nice and a really cool Person and that the People in my old School were just idiots who didn't see that wonderful Person. But he also said that we aren't friends. I dunno what it's called in english but in german we call it "ein guter Bekannter". He said he can't call me a friend because a friend is someone really important for him and he doesn't know me that much yet and...I am happy about that. He couldn't say anything better than that. What do you mean? Do you understand him? I do. And I am happy that everybody is so nice to me. In my School, in my Family and on the Internet. And my old School? I will never come back to them. I promise. If I'll do that please kick me in the butt. And thanks...

So Long and goodnight
Imke :)