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Sorry for not being there for two weeks...

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Imke Gr.'s picture
on October 20, 2017 - 1:25pm

Hey Fellas!
How are you doing, guys? I am very sorry for not Blogging for like two weeks. I were really busy with my guitar and my piano. I didn't believe that I would be busy in Holidays...but I was. And now School started on Monday. Please don't be mad at me. I'm sorry. But now I have quite a lot to say. So lean back and enjoy reading...
Yesterday we had a Meeting with the School band. Yes, I am a member now and that is so fuckin awesome. We started to learn two Songs. Riptide by Vince Joy and... CANCER BY MCR. And I gotta sing it. This is so cool. Yesterday my teacher played it on piano because my friend has to learn it yet. I sang in front of a few band members. A few members went away earlier so there were like 6 People. A lotta them are in my class. And THEY LOVED IT. This made my day. I was happy all day.
My best friend and me, we love history sooooo much. If we are interested in something historical we wanna know everything about it. Two weeks ago we were in our School libary because we were interested in the D-Day in WW2 since we saw The Ghost Of You. This was cool and I learned a lot. On Sunday I watched a german Thriller about the R.A.F. (The Red Armee Fraktion). Do People in other countries know them? In Germany it was a big Thing in the 70s. My parents grew up at the time. The Thriller was tough. Not gonna lie, I had nightmares...but at the same time it was so awesome. But now everytime I go into my room I imagine Andreas Baader lying on my Floor and being shot or I think about Gudrun Ensslin hanging at my window. But now me and my friend are interested in that. What do you think? You think it's weird to be interested in the R.A.F.? Be honest.
Now I know how to Play Blood on my piano. It is so much fun to Play. But I wanna do more. I am practicing Weighted by Frank Iero on the guitar and Helena on the piano. This is like "my own challenge". What do you think of that? In our german lessons we are talking about Jobs and how to get one. My Tutor said it is important if we know now what we wanna do when school's over. I wanna be a Rockstar. It is what I wanna do. But I also have plans if I won't become a musician. I love medicin. I am really interested in oncology. What do you think abot oncology? A lot of People hate it because they hate talking about Cancer. I think it is okay to talk about illnesses and death. It is something natural. What about you?
I love writing Storys. I do this since I was seven. We started writing stories in School when I was in second grade. I love doing that. I write what Comes up to my mind. Now I write a Story about a twelve year old Girl that is an orphan and her "parents" are leaving her in front of a house with four Punks. They are nice to her and they wanna let her living with them until someone else Comes to adopt her. You think it could be good? I wrote about 25 pages yet but it is not ending yet, either. I'd like to your Feedback.

I know this was a longer blog and I apologize for that. I try to make more Blogs. But thank you for reading it :)

So Long and goodnight