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sorry ive been gone!

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on June 26, 2016 - 7:49am

hey guys
sorry i havent posted in like a month!!! I've misssed you all so much <3
my friend salsa is sleeping next to me, we had a sleepover. I usally get up around 8 and she gets up around 12 so there's quite a gap.
Blood, if youre online ever, i know it's rough right now. i love you very much and will be sending hope your way.
hanging out with ace today
went to the beach yesterday. was a ton of fun!
thats about it. everything's kinda boring right now. im getting hunger ques again (that means feeling hungry) and I hate it cause it makes me feel like im losing. It also took me three hours (literally, 11-2 am) of sitting infront of my snack for my dad to realize i couldn't do it. But other than that i've actually been doing really well, I think. Had to see my weight for the first time. I was 115 lbs. I thought I'd be 130, so I was less than I thought but I still freaked out. But I think it's good that I saw it, cause that means i'm on the track for it to get easier to see.
Getting a new dresser today.Honestly wayyyyy too excited about it. my aunt re-makes vintage furniture with paint and sands it smooth, so im getting one of her dressers. a bigger one :) I have to move my current one onto the side of the road for trash pickup, so that will be hard. it's heavy!
that's all for now, folks. I love you all very very much and will see you all soon ;)