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Destroya87's picture
on June 25, 2017 - 4:16pm

Heeey I'm back, and I haven't posted anything since last year :o
I'm happy to see that there are new people here so hi :)
Has somebody watched Skam? Last night I watched Skam's last episode and I loved it! It ended with such a beautiful message, it was basically to remember that even if there's fear and judgements and hate, there will always be someone there for you and things will get better at the end. To not give up.
The reason I love this serie is because each season (there are 4 ) leaves you with such a big message, and I really wish we could get another season, but sadly is over :(
If you haven't watched Skam I really recommend to do it :)
I''m happy to be back and hopefully this time I will post regularly hehe