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A Session of Thoughts

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SLAlienBassist's picture
on January 4, 2017 - 5:49pm

Well, it's a new year. A dawning of a new era, hopefully. Before I get to the new year, I wish to reminisce and update you guys on this past one.

Last year ended quite eventfully for me and not in all the best ways. I applied to three colleges and got accepted into only one, despite my 4.0 GPA. The college I got accepted into was one I disliked and only applied to for my mother's sake. With a heavy heart, I decided to accept their offer and start the enrollment process. This process proved to be more revealing of the bad parts of the college than actually a good one. For starters, I was accepted into the wrong degree program. Secondly, the college did not even have the degree program I was actually looking for. (I was partially willing to settle, but I found out that the college did not double major easily enough for me to settle.) Lastly, none of the employees at the college seemed to know any information. It seemed like one phone call after another was just to find out one answer from one person and then to go to another person who actually knew the correct answer. It was a horrible experience. I decided that it was best that I unenroll from the college and to look for another. I discovered from the whole experience that it is NEVER good to settle for something. Not even slightly. If it is something that will shape your very life, then you should go for the best. If you don't succeed the first time, just try again. Going for the gold is not a loser's trait if you have to stop one thing to go onto better. This was something that was hard for me to wrap my head around because the school was actually pretty prestigious and it seemed like I was throwing away an incredible opportunity. With a far clearer head, I was able to realize that I was only throwing away a brilliant opportunity if was one that I actually wanted. Remember that you only live once, so make it the best it can be. Carpe diem!

This past year also proved a struggle for me because of some family issues. I mentioned this in my previous posts and was overwhelmed by the support I got from you all! I thank all of you for the nice things that you said. It really helped me to get through a very trying time! I am still experiencing some issues, but they are getting better and more bearable. :)

The last thing I want to say about last year is that it wasn't a total waste. There were some good times for me amongst all the bad ones. I got to see Panic! at the Disco live, I was able to attend the Amazing Tour is Not on Fire, and I was also fortunate enough to see Gerard Way at NC Comicon. Panic! at the Disco was the first band that I have ever seen live that was not a Christian band and it was an exhilarating experience! Brendon is such a talented individual. I did not get VIP to meet Dan and Phil on TATINOF, but it was a brilliant show all the same. Lastly, NC Comicon was like walking through heaven! All the people were like me! Being around so many people that are so similar to you and like the same things you like is such a weird and heavenly feeling. Plus, I was in the same room with Gerard Way twice was a pretty big deal!!! :) My older sister also found out she is going to have a baby so that's a good thing!

I look forward to 2017 being a brilliant year. I hope it can top 2016 because we all know that if we have another year like 2016, then we'll all collapse. I don't have any New Year's resolutions, but I do hope that this will the year where my life finally takes off.