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Sales, Feel-good book, sleep anxiety and VALENTINES DAY

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 14, 2016 - 4:30am

Hey guys

I got paid on Friday so naturally it was burning a hole in my pocket, and working at the mall doesn't really help :P so after work yesterday I went to Free People and got a leather jacket that was supposed to be $120 for $50 and a cool shirt that was originally $70 for $20! that made me really happy.

Also, my therapist has me making a book with good things people say about me or reminders that there are people who care about me and honestly half of the book is just comments I've received on here over the years. You guys have helped me through SO much and I'm so happy to have you guys and this place in my life <3

I wanna know if this happens to anyone else. It happened a lot at camp but it happened last night. I'll be asleep but then I'll wake up because I get so anxious in my sleep. It's in the pit of my stomach, just this stress and anxiety and tight feeling. I can't go back to sleep because I'll be so nervous and I usually have to take an extra dose of my meds for it. It usually doesn't have a reason, and if it does it's a dumb reason. Like last night I was anxious because anxious because It wasn't 2003 and I wasn't in NJ watching MCR play. I guess this is what I get for listening to Bullets while I fall asleep haha. But I got SO anxious about that isn't that weird?

Happy valentines day to all of you! you mean a ton and I love all of you :) You're the Frank to my Gerard, the Ray to my cupcake, you're the T-Mobile Sidekick to my Mikey, and the beard to my Bob!

Love you guys <3