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Rough day

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 9, 2018 - 10:02am

It's 10:40 And already, what a day.
I have sociology in 20 mins.
I had English this morning at 9. I cried in my car in the parking lot for about 15 mins and felt frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious. I texted my mom and therapist.
When I was able to go to class, I just sat in the back of the room and cried for 15 mins. Then I felt really overwhelmed and left.
I went home. Got some hot coco as a reward for trying my best.
Then I sent my professor this email:

This is Z from your 9 am m/w/f class. I'm really sorry that I came to class late and left approximately 15 minutes later. I've been having a lot of issues around anxiety and staying in class/entering the classroom has been very challenging.
I also feel it is important to let you know that there is a chance I will be hospitalized or partially hospitalized this week. If I leave your class for that reason, just wanted to give you a heads up.

Yup. I'm getting assessed probably today (however that it is not scedualed so it may be next week). And since insurance kicked me out of iop ,  I've been doing much worse and continuing to lose weight (I assume. I'm not allowed to know my weight). So now my therapist and nutritionist are both talking about partial hospitalization and my nutritionist asked me if I need residential hospitalization , I told her I don't know...
Class in 13 mins. Should probably head inside.
I love you guys.