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Ray and the Ways Part 2 - 'Let's just go with that name'

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Charbarmanning's picture
on March 8, 2016 - 9:18am

Gerard: (confusion) So you're saying we call our selves 'My Chemical Romance'
Mikey: You know after the Irvine Welsh novel, Ecstasy, Three Tales of Chemical Romance.
Matt: Yeah but we make music not books...
Mikey: And...
Ray: I'm fine with that name; has a bit of a ring to it.
Matt: (Mumbling quietly against Ray) It's better than your suggestion
Gerard: (Giggling) Ha, feel the burn!
Ray: (Shouting) Ray and the Ways was a good suggestion! (Sweetly) Wasn't it Mikey?
Mikey: (Puts his hands up) Hey, leave me out of this fight. All I've done is giving an idea.
Gerard: Let's just go with that name to stop all this fight.
Matt: Anything but Ray and the Ways!
Ray: (sarcastically) What a great start for this band.