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Please let me know your opinions

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Imke Gr.'s picture
on September 25, 2017 - 11:21am

Hey Fellas!
How are you? I know I didn't blog for a few days but I was just busy. But now I'm back and it happened a lot. At first I'm kinda angry cause of my parents. My mother promised me last year that we're gonna visit my sister and her son in Berlin. In that year I suddenly was injured and we couldn't. I was sad but than Mom promised we will go this year in our fall Holidays (If you don't know: We have six weeks summer Holidays and cause of that we have fall Holidays, winter Holidays and easter Holidays for two weeks). On Saturday she came to me and my brother and said we won't go to Berlin because we are fighting too much. Honestly, my brother's annoying sometimes because he likes to provoke me and he always Interrupts my sentences. I hate that and that annoys me and I dunno what to do. And now my mother's gonna visit my sister alone and I don't know what I did. That mades me kinda angry. I asked my mother. I've send her a message, cause I wasn't at home at this time, but she didn't respond yet.
I am also so happy right now. I have friends now. Finally. Remember when I told you that I never call anyone a friend if I don't quite know. I didn't In the last times I was asking myself when I'll get friends finally. I said to my myself "I mean, I can't just ask them 'Are we friends now'". But today I asked myself....why not? I just messaged them: "Hey. I just have a question. I know it seems weird but...are we friends or something like that?" Boy, that was easy. And I guess five of six People already said yes. I was so happy. The sixth one didn't read it yet. I could scream and shout out all my emotions right now.
Today I had a Religion test. Do you have Religion as a subject in School? We do. And the test...Easy Peasy Lemon Squizzy. That was one of the easiest Tests I ever had. That is cool. That is really cool.
Tomorrow is the day. My Audition in the band of my School. The teacher said I should choose one song. That wasn't easy but I made a desicion. What do you think I've Chosen? I give you two hints: It's a My Chem Song and It's from the Black Parade Album. It's not difficult. I am really exited for it because a Girl of my class (One of my new friends) wants to see it. But I am not just exited cause of that. I am afraid that they don't like the song or me or my voice. I know I said this once but I'm telling it twice cause I can't get it out of my head. Have an advice? Please comment.
Do you like my Blogs? Are they boring? Are they too Long? Do I blog to often? Comment. I'd like to read your opinion.

What is your favourite My Chemical Romance Song? I can't decide. There are too many.

So. That's enough for today. I hope you're having a great day.

So Long and goodnight