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lostn'foundagain's picture
on March 1, 2016 - 8:12am

Ugh... I'm sick DX
But mum's still making me go to school v.v she says I'm not THAT sick that I have to miss a day.. my entire body aches... I can't breathe... I just had a really bad coughing fit in the middle of class where I couldn't breathe for a bit, so I had to excuse myself to the hall and tried to regain my breath... my face is all red now cause I started crying... FUCK. Today is gonna suck... and my love isn't keeping away from me, so I'm scared I'm gonna get HIM sick... v.v I hope not... I'm feeling very pessimistic right now.. I'm sorry. Maybe I'll upload a poem later today..? Who knows...
Well.. aside from being sick, my friend and I had a small photo shoot yesterday. We're planning on having another today after school, but idk now since I'm not feeling so well...
Anyways,.. I hope you guys are having a great day and listening to great music... <3