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lostn'foundagain's picture
on January 24, 2016 - 1:46pm

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of blogs. I realize I have failed to keep my promise of posting a poem a day.... I'm sorry.... I just haven't been feeling it lately. I'm still trying to write, though. Most of it is sappy shit that I jot down them throw away cause it sucks. And, as always, if you guys want a poem, go ahead and suggest something. I'm open for pretty much anything, and if it challenges me, maybe It'll get me back into the spin of things.
Speaking of my lack of motivation... I'm contemplating quitting the Spring Play... Nothing is clicking lately and I haven't done any of my homework. Keeping my grades up is a big factor in being able to be in the play, and my grades are all failing. Not due to the play, no.. just due to my lack of motivation for anything...
I haven't been eating much... again... still...? Everyone's worried that I might be anorexic.. I mean... I might be... but... I eat. I really do eat. Just not as much as they do. When my mum met my love, it brought the entire subject back up because he never eats... he gets sick everytime he does... Since the beginning of the school year, he's lost 20 pounds... Mum cornered me that night when he left and had a little chit-chat with me about it. She told me it's now my job to get him to eat more; as well as it's my job to convince him to improve his relationship with his father... Why she's putting these responsibilities on me, I don't know. But it's kinda fucked up. I mean, I'm a god damned high schooler, it shouldn't be MY JOB to take responsibility of my love and his life... I can help, of course! But... I can't fix it... I suggested those Carnation's breakfast essentials and food supplements. I'm sorta forcing him to try them. And on the topic of his father.. I hate the man. He is an abusive shithead that needs to be put in his god damned place.
Before I go on a tirade about his father... let's put a stopper on this blog.
I hope you guys are listening to good music and having a great day <3