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old friends, driving, maybe concerts and tattoos

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on May 6, 2016 - 12:24pm

just found a kid from here's (toeveryenemy) youtube. we used to talk every day. We were such close friends. I was attracted to her, but more than anything I just loved being her friend. haven't talked for a very long time. she's so talented and beautiful and i know she has having a hard time when we were talking but she looks like she's doing a lot better, which makes me feel good for her :)
in other news, I'm going on pass to see the used tomorrow, except only if my mom can get tickets, which doesn't seem likely but i'll still get to leave the program for a few hours anyways :) gonna practice for my driving test, which i can take any day now, obviously after i leave though. and practice more, since after two weeks of not driving I'm a little rusty.
also just realized i'm going to be 18 in 4 MONTHS so i'm looking at body mods I want. I know I want a lip ring or viper piercings with rings. probably vipers (which are just like spider bites but a little further apart, so i can fit the rings). also, I'm getting a half sleeve on my arm to cover scars. I'm excited to not have to look at them :) I heard some tattoo shops cover scars for free/reduced prices, so I hope they can cause otherwise it's on average $400-$1,200 for that tattoo! I want it to be black and white, maybe a tiny color but not much. I want vines or vines and flowers or ivy to symbolize growth and starting new.
anyway there's my update. 5 mins left in academic time. I'll just comment on some of your blogs