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no meds and sleepover

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 15, 2016 - 6:03am

I'm at a sleepover with my friends. it's 9 am and I got up at 7 and the other 4 our still asleep. My hands are shaking cause I didn't take my meds last night ops :P
we discovered this movie called 666 Kreepy Kerry a while ago and we've wanted to watch it for some time cause it looked like a funny, shitty horror film. But it turned out to be a 70 min softcore gay porn with shitty acting and no plot. It was literally just buff guys touching themselves. And working out in their underwear. With boners. Didn't expect that! lol
So fucking hyper. I'm missing like 250 mg of sedating meds and a bunch of mood stabilizers. my heart is goinf really fast and i'm all shakey but i can't take them now that its the morning. todays gonna be rough. i take them for my mood disorder, adhd and anxiety so i'm either gonna be really hypo manic, full manic (i hope not cause that means ER visit and trying to do bad stuff impulsively). anxiety... manily just hypo manic though so i'll be ok. it jsut annoys alot of people hahhha but i cant help ist so whateverrrr