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my life is boring

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neon heart's picture
on January 19, 2017 - 9:32am

I've been wanting to post a blog here for so long but somehow I always log in, then log straight out because I remember that I have nothing to really write about, I mean, my life is pretty boring.

My day goes like this: Wake up late, normally at about 7:15, get ready in about 30 minutes, most of the time even less because I get up later. Go to school, come back home, eat, watch Friends (sometimes anime and YouTube videos- depends!), do homework, listen to music, take a shower, go to guitar lessons or private lessons or wherever else I have to go if I do go somewhere. Come home, practice guitar/singing, eat, go on social media, finish anything else I have to finish and then go to bed. That's my routine every day at the moment so yeah I'm not doing much.

I did go to change my guitar strings yesterday though and something exciting happened. Basically, my guitar's a classical left handed guitar which means it has nylon strings. Now, I play with my right hand, which is allegedly very rare. Anyway, I went to my guitar lessons and my coach changed them but didn't have nylon ones, he just had steel ones but he changed them so I can play properly for 3 more lessons. There was too much tension and my tuning keys weren't working because they ended up too loose.

So obviously I had to change the strings and tighten the tuning keys because I have my next lesson on Wednesday I think and I have to practice so yeah we went to change the chords and tighten up the tuning keys. The strings were taken off by my coach so I had a stringless guitar. We bought the strings, nylon this time and the guy who was going to fix everything is my mum's partner's friend.

Anyway, he fixed my guitar and then we just chilled there and it was so much fun! He started playing some songs on both the guitar and the piano and I sang and it was so cool! Now we're going to see if we can try to go perform at funerals or weddings and get some money! We might try out some songs and upload them onto YouTube or something as well idk but it's really cool so yeah that was really exciting for me, idk why though because I've done this before tbh.

I guess my question is what have you guys been up to? How's your week been? Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys x