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Music Appreciation Homework On MCR

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 7, 2016 - 5:02am

Music Appreciation - Favorite band/artist (Feb 15 2016)
Name: Z Peverill-Conti
Artist(s): My Chemical Romance (MCR)
Song Title(s) To Show In Class:
To The End - MCR

What genre are they considered? What qualities make them fit that genre?
Violent pop, emo, rock, pop, rock pop, post hardcore. They had a very dark, angry feel that attributed to their violent pop/emo sound. Later, the band had a more colorful sound/appearance that made them more pop.

How long have they been playing for? Has their sound changed over time?
From 2001 to 2013 (12 years). From 2001- 2003 they were still searching for their sound. They sounded very angry, as the lead singer was at a very dark time in his life. They also thought they were vampires in this time, which definitely influenced the darkness in their sound. They didn’t have much money, so their first album was recorded in their friend’s basement. 2004-2006 They were still angry but you can tell the band/singer was working through his issues. They were really into fake blood and violent lyrics. Their sound was more developed because they had been signed to a label and gotten more money to work with. 2006-2009 they had a sad-angry sound. Their songs at this time were about a cancer patient who had died. They had a more epic/full sound sound. The band was very into costumes and theatrics at this time, and since they were now a major band, they could really afford to build a complete image. 2010-2012 the band has become very pop-rock sounding and colorful. They developed a concept album that took place in a post apocalyptic desert. You can tell they have really worked on their sound and have all grown as musicians. In 2013, they released a compilation of 5 EP’s they had developed over the years. The band didn’t really have a distinguished sound as the last EP was released a month before the band broke up. Their style was destroying their fan’s lives.

Where are they from? Did it have any effect on their sound?
They are from New Jersey (mainly Bellville). The band is really into NJ and talk about it in just about every interview. They are very influenced and inspired by NJ, their favorite band/influence is The Misfits, who are also from New Jersey. They say they get their dark/violent sound from growing up in a crime area of NJ. Their other influences include Iron Maiden, David Bowie and The Smiths.

Who are their listeners? What’s their audience like?
Most of their listeners are teenage/young adult kids. There’s more girls than guys who listen to MCR but it’s not that far from half guys, half girls listening. They also have a very strong fan base that is committed, even after the break up.

Who are their influences?
Queen, Black Flag, The Misfits, Iron Maiden, The Cure, The Smashing Pumpkins. MCR was also very close friends to the bands The Used and Fall Out Boy, and you can definitely hear those bands in their music.

How did you get exposed to them?
I started listening to them in July, 2012, when I was dating a kid who was in love with the band. I wanted to understand what they were talking about so I started listening to their songs. I was hooked pretty fast by the band’s music and fan community and have been a strong fan ever since.

Why do you like them?
I love everything about them. They have many different sounds so no matter what mood I’m in, they can make me feel good. The band has been there for me through many hard times. The community that comes with the band is very special to me. Everyone has been so nice to me and so loyal to this band. Also, all the fans are so artistic. There are a ton of pictures of the art fans create all over the internet. They’ve been such a major part of my life for so long.