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mortuary sub complications Part Duece

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BlueBurnsBlack's picture
on August 26, 2016 - 4:23pm

Well I started going back to my ( Group thingy) it's Called Nami ( National Association Mental Illness) if you live in the states look up your local Peer to Peer group; it's really worth it, and you meet cool people.

Well this last Tuesday 8/23/16 when I went there was this really cute girl named Jennie ( don't know how she spells her name) but she had a pink dress on that zipped up at the front, and a Black and grey jacket over that. Her ears were pierced with plugs that said in one ear and out the other on them; and she had dirty blonde hair with blue/green tips.

I wanted to talk to her but she took off before I got the chance to. I want to go back but this next week the 30th? they are going bowling and it's really far away from my house, and my mom said the area the bowling center is at is in a not so good area.

So I will have to wait till September when I get back from the Beach.

so there's that.

I'm going to the beach for Labor Day Weekend, and I'm excited cuz I haven't been on Vacation all summer, what a bummer right?

but I did get to go to the water park earlier this summer as I mentioned in an earlier blog.

However my friend is at the beach this weekend and won't be back till next week and then next weekend on Friday I'm going to the beach so we will miss each other.

But I am going to play Paintball tomorrow 8/27/16, and that should be fun, then I am having dinner at my brother's house and my dad is going to look at my car and fix it up so my mom and I and my sister can take it to Florida.

Well that's pretty much all I got.