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Morning Sadness

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TheChemicalThrowAway's picture
on September 14, 2017 - 6:14am

Goooood Morning, How was everyone's day yesterday? I thought I was working till 10 last night, but I worked till 11:23 instead. The biggest fog rolled in last night so I couldn't see while driving home. So I showed up to school today. We have this spirit week I saw someone with a black looking mask around there eyes and black and yellow scarf around his neck with a jacket. I walked up to him in such an amazed news and I'm like "Are you a killjoy?" He looks at me "what?" I go "ARE YOU A KILLJOY?!?" He said "No I'm Batman" I felt so disappointed there and then one of my friends said I gotta quit being so EMO. I have it in my mind it's gonna be a good day though so I'm still being in a good mood.