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Destroya87's picture
on July 11, 2016 - 6:13pm

So I'm moving to another house and I'm making my mom company while she buys everything. That made me think about how expensive everything is and then I started thinking about the future again. I want to study gastronomy, and my family founds it like a mediocre career and then I think: what other thing could I study? I have wanted this for almost 10 years (not joking) I don't think I'm smart enough to do some other thing and when I think about changing makes me sad and then I think that I wouldn't like to live sad. And I don't want to live like an unhappy adult, I have a sh*it load of projects in my mind, some of them I have tell them to my mom or sister and they just let me down and that makes me not want to share anything else with them, because they have really not care about what I want and they want to make me like other things and I'm tired of it. I know I still have a lot of time but sometimes I just start thinking too much
Anyway, how have you been? :)