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Lemme Tell You About My Crush

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on March 31, 2016 - 5:31pm

Ok so here’s what’s happening
I have the BIGGEST crush on this kid. Their name is going to be listed as E. They’re also 17. We met at WAGLY. They really love MCR, like as much as I do, like they freaked out over my bat belt buckle and drew Mikey on a little slip of paper. Their makeup looks like Frank’s in revenge era, minus the X’s. They’re also really outgoing and smile a lot. They read my fanfic before we even met. They’re really cute and biologically female (I love people who present more masculinely but are biologically female I think that’s my biggest kink). I really like talking to them and listening to them talk and feel comfortable around them. We text a bit and talk all of WAGLY and I’m hoping for us to hang out one-on-one soon. I really want to get to know Them better but also don't want to be overbearing or get too excited over sometime that might be nothing. I can’t tell if they like me back because they kinda grab my hands when they get excited talking and they called me cute a few times but a lot of people call my cute. Also I caught them looking at me but idk???? I’m pretty outgoing when i like someone so they’ll probably know I like them by the end of the month. I’ll just need to figure out the dynamics with my other relationship and my friend I fool around with, since they’re both open but I’ll still make sure it’s ok.
Ok so there is my rant, thank you for reading :) I love you guys sorry I haven't been online much