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lostn'foundagain's picture
on January 27, 2016 - 9:49am

As I look out on this horizon,
I fail to see the majesty of the mountains
I found so dear from Montana.
What I do see is space.
A vastness of flatlands punctuated
Only by the structures man made.
Only by the arms and
Appendages of the trees.
Reaching up to the high heavens
From their orange horizon depicting
Reaching up to the infinity of the
Blue oceans above filled with
Fish made of stars.
Filled with coral reefs made of clouds.
Those bones of the dead trees
Reaching up to the sea-green oceans
Is the only beauty I see in this
Wasteland of the Bible belt...
~Jade Trisdale

Since I moved here, I've been looking for beauty that might compare to that of Montana. The only such thing I found that I love are the skies. During a lightning storm, at sunset, sunrise. Kansas skies are beautiful.