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I'm tierd but good day

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on September 5, 2017 - 6:18pm

Hello my lovlies! It's only 9pm but I'm tiered so lets keep this short

had my first college intro to psych class. was really good, started the homework (due thurs). I just need to read ch 1 of the text book but they're long chapters! very interesting though

I also took out my pink and yellow waist length synthetic dreads. they were really tight on my head, so they were pulling my natural hair, giving me headaches and making my scalp sore and itchy. synthetic dreads don't always do this though! my first red/orange set was perfectly fine and lasted about a month.

went to the salon and got something between a pixie cut and a buzz cut. I would go full pixie but my hair is too short. hope to dye it purple when it's a little longer. Having pixie cuts or a shaved head makes me feel good about myself and beautiful, which is hard for me to feel. It makes me confident and I always get complements which makes me feel appreciated :)

thats all I got for now

Don't let this site die. don't let the mcrmy die