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I'll take the pork chop *over the hot guy*

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on February 18, 2016 - 8:38am

BEST SCENE EVER in Cain and Mabel (1936) with characters Cain (Clark Gable) and Mabel (Marion Davies).
C: Just what do you think you're doing?
M: Frying a pork chop
C: What's the idea, leaving me out there and keeping me waiting?
M: Well, I'll tell you Mr. Cain, I looked at the pork chop, and then I looked out the window at you, and I said, Me? I'll take the pork chop

now they;re just talking and making out they burnt the pork chops! she chose him over the pork chops in the end nopooooO!