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I never sang like that.

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Imke Gr.'s picture
on September 29, 2017 - 11:48am

Hey Fellas!
Holidays!! Yeah, in Lower Saxony the fall Holidays started! I have a lot of Things I wanna do in this two weeks. I know you don't have These Holidays in every Country but I hope you know what it means. We have six weeks summer Holidays and two weeks fall Holidays, winter Holidays and easter Holidays. First I wanna make a cake. I love baking and cooking. And there is just one cake I can try to make. I'm gonna try a My Chemical Romance cake! I dunno if I can post Pictures on my blog but if I can't you can see the result on my Instagram account, too. I hope it will work. Then I searched some Songs. Welcome to the black Parade, Cancer and blood for piano and guitar. I wanna learn how to Play them so I watched a few tutorials and now I'm gonna start practicing next Monday. I am so exited. Unfortunaly, my electric guitar is broken so I have to use an acoustic guitar or a western guitar. I prefere the acoustic guitar. Yesterday I was singing I don't love you in my room and I heard something I never heard. You might know I am singing in the band in our School now. I was scared cause I didn't know how to do that. I know, it sounds kinda weird. It is my biggest dream to sing on stage and I don't quite know how to do this and how to deal with their reactions. Again, I sang in my room. Then it came that part where Gerard sings "While" before the second corus Comes. You got it? Okay. We're on that part now. Imagine you're with me there while I am singing. I am concentrating. I am looking to the wall. Suddenly I think of nothing. My brain stopps everything. I Close my eyes in the second verse. I Forget everything. I grab my microphone so hard....or I pretend that. I do some moves that I don't realize. I enjoy the Moment. And then it came. The "While". I am loud. I am emotionally. This is the Moment where I realize what I do. But I don't stop. I continue singing. And it was great. I never heard that from myself. I never felt that way. Could you explain that for me? I didn't think of that and then I hit the note and I sounded so good. Maybe that sounds kinda arrogant but I'm just telling the truth. I

I hope you all have a great time.

So Long and goodnight