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hey guys!!! long time no post...i know

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LisaGW's picture
on May 31, 2016 - 2:39pm

lets start...what happened it my life...nothing really interesting

well i was at the tattoo conventions some weeks ago...didnt got a tat..too expensive for a convention...however it was pretty cool
i meet a guy named jokerboy...he has a facial tattoo..guess what?!?! joker hahaha yeah was pretty cool...hes a really nice guy...i mean really nice guy
oh and he has facial scarification...not sure if i spelled it right^^ he has cuttings for the smile ..the chelsea smile,,looks pretty cool

what busy with some stuff which really sucks! well will get over it hahaha

will go in september to ny for a so excited for it! i already was in ny 7 years ago...hold on....7 years?? thats so long...was in 2009...holy shit thats very long..well im really excited, will go with my family there

think thats all...well
wish you all a great week