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Hello again :)

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Destroya87's picture
on July 5, 2016 - 7:56pm

On my last blog I posted some questions and I forgot to answer them too :b so here they are:
- Do I watch YouTube? : Yes I do watch YouTube a lot, I like a lot of youtubers, specially Dan and Phil, Jack and Dean, Crabsticks, PJ, and the list continues...
- Do I like DHMIS? : YES! I love it, and the whole message it has about how social media can really affect us. Plus I like the songs xD
- Which others band besides MCR I like?: I love Muse, FOB, Panic! At The Disco, BVB, 30STM, Bring me the Horizon, Green Day, Twenty One Pilots...
- Fave food? : Pizza

I was happy to read in your comments that we have similar things that we like and that other people are part of the phandom and like DHMIS and because I got to know you a bit more.

Today wasn't really an interesting day. I started watching the second season of Tokyo Ghoul and also I'm binging on Bates Motel. I guess the next serie will be OITNB... I can't decide which anime to watch when I finish Tokyo Ghoul...any suggestions?