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happy new year!

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neon heart's picture
on January 2, 2017 - 6:01am

Hey! Just popped in to say, happy new year! I'm so happy 2016 is over and 2017 has started, I really hope this year is wayy better, for you guys too. I haven't done much honestly, I had a get together with my family from my dad's side yesterday. It's kind of hard to have fun when basically nobody from my cousins talk to me .. just because my mum and dad separated. Oh well. I don't really need them anyway, I have family from my mum's side and friends.. and you guys on here, whom I consider family even though I hardly talk to you guys that much :L

I've made it my new year's resolution to come on here and post more, just to talk to you guys because although not a lot of people probably read my blogs because I'm quite boring, I really have fun talking to the few of you that do comment! And also, it brings me positive energy and everyone loves positivity of course <3

At the moment I'm trying to write an essay but nothing's coming to my mind, I've only written the introduction. I guess there are some days when you're just not that motivated, and today's one of those days. But I go back to school on the 9th and I have to finish because I have quite a busy week .. ugh.

Also I've been wanting to post a cover on YouTube so badly but I never find the time and it makes me so mad and just makes me feel like I can't accomplish anything, idk why. But let's try and keep this blog positive for the beginning of the year!

I am waiting to get my new room, because we're changing everything up, finally! My room has been pink and old since.. I can't remember when! It's so ugly and I just can't wait until I can get it to look the way I want it, not how my 9 year old self wanted it, you know what I mean?

So yeah my question today is if you do go back to school, when do you go back? And also, what are your new year's resolutions, if you have any?

Hope you have/had a good day and keep running, killjoys
-Kaylie x