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Game Over

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lostn'foundagain's picture
on January 10, 2016 - 1:24pm

What I have realized is,
that when someone tells me
they love me more than anything,
they really mean I’m just another
chess piece in their game of life...

And it's true...
For again, and again I have
witnessed it, heard those words drip
from a pair of lying honeyed lips.
Tasted the bitter sweetness of a lie
called "Love".

As you write over and over,
on tables, on desks;
what were those words you so love?
"Life is a cruel lie, Death is the heartless truth"
I know those aren't word for word.
But you will understand it.

Because life is a cruel, and decent lie
when contrasted to the unpitied truth
of the deceased.

Yet this game we are living,
filled with pawns and knights and queens;
We are each our own kings or queens.
In our own games. In others, we are the pawns,
we are the spare pieces.
Able to be sacrificed for the sake of the Leaders.

Alas, all games come to an end sometime.
It comes when your heart
can take no more of the pain
no more of the lies fed through a straw.
When will you see the truth
or the sign of Game Over...?
~ ©Jade Trisdale