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G note WTF

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FriendOfTheMarauders's picture
on January 27, 2018 - 9:47pm

I see everyone freaking out over the G Note. I get why they have such reactions, and it’s bloody hilarious when I go up to my friend and just play the opening of Welcome to the Black Parade and they freak out; but I just don’t really get why that song, that note, in particular. Yes it’s iconic, yes it IS heartbreaking, but personally I know of three more emotional, more soul crushing, and more tear jerking songs.
1) Cancer -my ultimate fave song by MyChem. It is really sweet and holds strong emotion. It is a short song, just like the lives of those suffering from Cancer. Just those first few piano chords hit you and you can’t help but feel sad, it’s one of the band’s best and I can’t listen to it without the urge to cry.
2) Sing -The characters actually die in the video! And not like in the Black Parade, they actually die and as far as we know there is no afterlife for them. They’re gone and there’s no coming back. Fitting for the last album. The music is soft to begin with and builds up into a really powerful song that I love and will cry over when I reach it on my playlists.
3) Helena -This song is incredible. It is meant to show death as a warm occasion, and is in honour of Gerard’s and Mikey’s grandmother. The video is one of their firsts and is absolutely gorgeous. Pretty much every fan knows this song and loves it just as much as the band itself. This song may not bring me to tears, but you can’t deny the emotion and passion put into it.