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daily highlights!

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on September 7, 2017 - 6:19pm

Hey all!

today was boring but not as boring as it could be.

bleached my hair platinum blond yesterday. looks really good!!!

had psych class today. we talked about the professor Wundt and social stereotypes.

then I met with my nutritionist. she mentioned that I should try to eat my fear food with her.. which I do NOT want to do. but I do want to get better...

was supposed to see my therapist today but instead I sat in my car, shut down, in the driveway, for an hour. lame, I know.

Tomorrow my family and I are heading to New Jersey, the town next to Trenton (aka frank-town) for my aunt's wedding (on Sunday). I'm a bridesmaid. I've never been to a wedding before. I like the red dress I chose for it.

Dyl is in California right now. He left a week ago and still has another week there. We've been together about 10 months. I really like being in love with my best friend. it makes talking so much easier. :)

now I'm just writing because I don't want to go to bed (its only 9) and don't have anything else to do but cut up my clothes so maybe i'll do that in a little while.

I recently discovered my shorts-overalls. I have been wearing them since I found them. I poured bleach on them and put studs and patches on them to make them look a little more me. really enjoying them, hoping to go to the garment district tomorrow with dad to pick up some regular, long overalls. the garment district is a thrift store in cambridge, by the way.

which brings me to another topic. dad got laid off yesterday. he is a very high paid position and the compony couldn't afford to pay him anymore. he was looking for other jobs anyways, he didn't really want to work for that co. anymore. but now we're just living on mom's income and her insurance isn't as good as dad's was i think...