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chpeverill-conti's picture
on March 3, 2016 - 1:37am

SO remember how I mentioned going to a day hospital and then getting discharged after a day cause it didn't work? well now we're talking about going to a CBAT (community based acute treatment). a CBAT is:

an intensive, short-term acute residential unit for children and adolescents experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties. Often, the CBAT program is used as a diversion to an inpatient hospitalization. Treatment and stabilization is provided in a structured setting. By simulating everyday community living in a safe, therapeutic environment, children learn the skills and behaviors that will help when they return to their homes, schools, and communities.

The CBAT serves children and adolescents, ages 4-18. It has nine single bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living room, and classroom/recreational room visiting/waiting room and two offices. The CBAT also has an outside recreational area and a program vehicle for recreational/educational activities in the community or to assist with a client appointment. The staff to client ratio during waking hours is 1/3 (three staff to nine clients), and during overnight hours (11 pm- 7am) there are two staff to nine clients. The CBAT has a structured treatment program that includes an educational
curriculum, activity/recreational groups, clinical group therapy, sessions with child psychiatrist and clinician/social worker and family/provider meetings.

basically it's a *slightly* less intense hospital. I'd stay over night (residential). no phones or internet. the door isn't locked but there is an alarm if you go through it, last time I was in one there was a separate school building. and 12 beds instead of 9. my mom said i should probably be somewhere residential, since she hasn't been able to keep me safe at home. I'm gonna miss you guys. and my friends. and Ace. I'll have a call list so I can talk on the phone with people. but it's usually for therapists, family and only a couple friends. I think I'll put on Ace, Savannah, and maybe Dylan. but he's not very good at talking on the phone so we'll see.
anyways, I'll update you on when/if i end up going.

love you alll *kisses*