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Anti emo

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chpeverill-conti's picture
on March 14, 2016 - 12:32pm

Hey guys. Had a shitty day. Cryed a ton. But I don't want to talk about that. I wanna talk about stereotypes. I am not your typical emo. I'm an anti-emo emo. Idk about you guys but the words I use to describe myself and my style are pretty much just the musical genres I listen to with a few other thing mixed into my Z soup. I'd say I'm an emo, punk, hardcore trans* queer kid, if I wanted you to really get my teen labels. But I'm not what you expect. I don't fit the steryotyope of emo, punk, trans, whatever. Sure, I love black and my Mohawk and facial piercings and all these hardcore bands and mcr and studded belts. But no one talks about those anti edgy things I'm so insecure about liking, but love all the same. I LOVE heels and fake nails and makeup. And dressed and fishnets. Of course, they are edgy dresses and black heels. But everyone gets so surprised by the fake nails thing. Especially when I have my fake nails on but I'm still binding and packing (which for all of you who don't know, means putting socks and packers in your pants to make a bulge like a penis)and overall look like any dude. So I just wanted to ask any of you guys who might understand this, and not quite fit the minority stereotype, but damn right I'm still an emo trans kid! Do you have anything like this? we anti stereotypes gotta be recognized, cause we’re fucking the system more than anyone
Gonna dye sides of my head green and the middle mowhawk part black
Love yall. Writing this made me feel tons better.