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All The Small Things

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Imke Gr.'s picture
on October 3, 2017 - 12:17pm

Hey Fellas!
Sorry for not Blogging for the last days. I just needed some time for my own. I hope you can understand that. But now I'm back and I have a great message. Be happy because of all the small Things that happen. Two days ago I spend a night with a grandma. At morning I went to the bakery to get some bread rolls for breakfast. On my way there was a Dog together with a man. The dog had a bag from the bakery in his mouth and the man walked behind him. I dunno why but I thought that was so cute and it made me so happy. Then I went to the gas Station to buy some Ice Cream (good old Cookie Dough ;)) and Nutella because it was sunday and the other Shops were closed. The woman at the gas Station shop were so nice to me and the talked to me. I know that in America it's normal that the seller talk to the customers but in Germany it's not. Just buy and go! But she actually started the conversation. That also made me happy. And then I went back home by bike after the breakfast and I listened to frnkiero andthe cellabration. My day was made with all of These small Things.
The Problems with my mother are gone now. We talked about it and now I'm gonna go to my sister , her boyfriend and her two year old, cute son in Christmas time and then they're gonna visit us a few weeks later. I'm just happy right now. How are you?

So Long and goodnight