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2019 is not gonna happen

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Disco_Destroyer's picture
on January 22, 2018 - 5:26am

Guys. Grow up. Think about them for a moment and please stop with this bullsh*it. Imagine having a job you love and a bunch of awesome partners. Imagine doing that job for 12 years straight. Imagine how fed up with it you ended, although you still adore your partners. Imagine quiting that job and having the oportunity to go along and follow your dreams. Now Imagine that everytime you use Instagram, Twitter or whatever tons of people are telling you to go back to that job you ended up hating, that same job who took away you mental health and stole a lot of time you could've spend with your loved ones. Imagine that you start giving away for free a lot of the things you achived when you were working and people still harassing you to back to that fricking job. imagine that every time you meet with youe awesome expartnerts pelple star writting articles about you saying that you are gonna go back to that job, even when you weren't asked about it. How would you feel? Because that's what you alm are making Ray, Gerard, Mikey and Frank feel, you know? HOW can you call yourself a killjoy and then harass that people you said you loved and admire? i mean, I and the first one who'd love to see a concert as I was so young back then and I wasn't able to go tl any of their live prrfomancez, but I would never FORCE them to do a concert just because I want to see them. That's very SELFISH!!! Please guys stop it cause you're hurting them more than you think, and you're also hurting tins of fans like me, who are supporting them though all theur new projects and are trying so hard to feel happy.

Think twice before you post directly with their @ on social sites... And think about them first. Please.