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day dream army

The amount of times people have tried to upset me by insulting MCR and their fans because they know how much it means to me and every time in my head I've said "killjoys unite." And have imagined an army of killjoys in masks forming behind me with Frank and Ray on my left and Gerard and Mickey in my right, we look at each other and then.... We then someone usually wakes me up from my daydream I have also day dreamed a black parade version of this.
Maybe I should start a fanfic like this.... Hmmmm

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The world is large.
It's dangerous.
At times:
You will feel alone.
You will be alone.
But even when it's dark
Even when everything seems lost
Turn your eyes to the stars and remember this.
In the desert,
In the trenches,
In the cities,
We fight alongside You.
When your injured, We will care for you.
When you are weak, We will give you strength.
When you can't go on, We will carry you.
We are with You
And We will never leave you behind.

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Something random about me

Almost a month ago I graduated from high school!
In my country high school it's different, so now I'm a bilingual secretary, and now I'm going to college but to be honest I'M TERRIFIED
I'm going to study psychology but once again I'm kind of scare of what its going to happen.

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YouTube channel

Some of you will hate me for promoting myself but my channel isnt growing at all its called Shaunisnotsmart im a vlogging channel and i may dk mkre in the future depending on if anyone subs

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hey killjoys

Hey killjoys I was thinking cause I love all you guys and would love to get to know as many of you as possible and the message thing on here is really bad!!!! Do any of you have Kik?
My Kik is Erin_MCR_
And the picture is my current profile picture so please drop me a message if you want :) <3
BTW if any one of you has a problem and needs someone to talk to my Kik is faster than a PM on this site <3
Love u guys
So long and goodnight

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rant about stupid people

Okay, so I love to rant. I get annoyed with a lot of stuff, but the worst is when stupid people comment about my clothes, hair, music taste, etc. So first off, it bothers me when people ask me why I have my hair the way I do. What even? Why do you wear your hair up? Why is it short? See? I can ask you the same questions and you would have the same damn answer. Like, "I like it like this," or "Because I can." or maybe even "Why do you care how I do my hair?" It's stuff like that that bothers me. Or, "Why do you dress like that?" or "Do you try to look emo?" Motherfu*ker. I like bands that happen to be dark, okay? Why do you only where pink or purple clothes? Hm? Exactly. You just do. It reflects who you are. And when people criticize my music taste is what bothers me the most. Yeah, I listen to metal, punk rock and rock. Yes, I head bang and when I go t concerts I like to go into mosh pits sometimes. People ask me how I listen to metal. The answer is simple.

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So I haven't posted a blog on this site for about 3 years. I joined in 2009 as soon as the community bit went live. I posted blogs constantly. I was unreasonably obsessed with MCR back in the day. I've grown up a lot now. I'm not a 12 year old little girl anymore. When I joined, I quickly made friends with a few people, and I still am facebook friends with a few. There were a small group of people who became my best friends, and I still talk to them every once in a while. This website kind of affected who I am today. The band 100% affected who I am because I wouldn't be the same person if I hadn't stumbled upon them back in 09. So I don't know if anyone who might read this was on here back then, but you probably know how I feel. I just casually scrolled through this site and it made me really sad because it used to be a place i'd go every day, and now I never do. Danger Days has been out for 4 years today, and it feels like it was so long ago but just yesterday at the same time.

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I've noticed that people aren't getting as many comments.
I have 26 pages of blogs. The further back I went the more comments and feedback I got at least 2 or 3 on the dumb little posts. I got 6, 7 or 8 comments on some posts!! You don't get that many anymore.
We're all here, but I don't get the same sense of community. I posted a blog titled ":'(" August 2013. I was really upset and vented. I got 7 comments of reassurance. I met To Every Enemy (who became a great friend and support) through a comment on that post. 7 comments. 7 people took a moment to tell me that things would get better. Do any of you remember LoneStar? Who was last seen on here Oct 22, 2013? Who posted that suicide note? Who got 20 comments, blogs about them, people looking for all the information on what happened? Where's that love and community?
"if you wanna talk, or even complain about anything... message me?"
"If you want to message me feel free to."
"inbox me if you wana chat, im always about :-)"

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So I haven't been on here on ages, but I thought I'd come and see what's happening. I've been pretty down about a lot of stuff lately and I was wondering if any of you guys felt the same, or had any advice.. I don't even know how to explain this.. like it's awkward, and I'm finding it difficult to describe what I'm feeling and make sense at the same time. Okay so really the only way i can describe it is as a constant feeling of loneliness. And I feel like I need someone who really understands me, that I can talk to, like one of the problems is that I don't have that person, and I can't talk to anyone about this because the point is that I always feel lonely and there's no one I can talk to and tell the whole truth to. Partly because I know they won't get it and partly because it could offend them, because they kinda are part of the problem.

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little update!

hey. im sorry I haven't posted much lately. plz forgive me. well I just thought I would update you all. well my school is so annoying cus ive noticed no one cares unless your pretty, popular or dead. and its just horrid. also my parents are getting so annoying because I cant do anything right to them. its just so unfair cus my parents let my brother do what he wants but if I do then I get told off. but that's just my life up to know. so hope you all have a good week. and keep running.

xxxxx Hannah

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Has anyone else noticed the site has been kinda innactive of late? Like everyone just disappeared?
Saddens me a little.

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well... I guess I will be removing my previous blog, with my poem about panic attacks, because it sucks... and people on here have told me they don't like it... so, sorry I can't please you when it comes to my blog...

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I have to have a plan for life. I had written one some time ago and i stuck to it. Now i should have another one stronger, and i should stick to it for a longer period of time. SO LETS BEGIN
1.I have to be quieter- so that i will focused on education and real aspects of life
2.I have to spend more time on education- because it's worth, trust me, you're more stupid than you were 2 years ago THAT'S A FACT
3.You have to face your main current problem and get over it-you should apologized first and then beg for forgiveness, suggest friendzone and again apologize
5.You should not be interested in ANYONE from your group BECAUSE YOU KNOW THAT IT'S NOT HEALTHY

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coming out...

It's been a really long time since i wrote here. I read my blogs and i'm so ashamed of myself. How stupid i was.A lot things happened. And this is that time in my life when i want to runaway. I've done something really bad. I hurt so many people during past few months. Uncountable amount.Today im really down. Sitting in front of open books, physics still waiting. I have no power to do any of this stuff. Im so confused. Even though that my best friend is always beside me (yes it's still THAT FRIEND) i'm getting more and more uncertain.I used to be good girl, who is wisely thinking and who is aware of actions. I used to be able to take responsibilty and not causing problems and fights.What happened to me? Why am i so weak right now? I am frightened of what people will think about me.I thought that i dont care about their opinion but everything came back. My fear of being rejected-yes i think that this is the biggest problem. I've done cruel things to people who didn't deserve that.

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Nostalgia is particularly potent when one is unable to sleep at 2am.
And then I find myself here.

It's odd but comforting to know Hot Topic got all these super rad MCR shirts that I've never seen before.
I even managed to snag one that matched my phone case.