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A la sociedad y hombre.

La nostalgia de los días se muere, muere consigo en una especie de seudo abrigo, algo así como un pañuelo que recubre los ojos, los ojos de miles de personas, los ojos de esas producciones en serie que se convierten en sociedad, muy tarde en la noche parece que los cuervos aparecen para perturbar aquellos infelices que se educan para la sociedad, pobre hombre que cree serlo, en realidad solo es una baratija que es usada y desechada.

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Here he is, the one and only Jet Star!

Okay, why is it that every time I try to draw Ray, he ends up looking feminine? I must have some sort of fetish...

Anyway, hope you like it despite that. I'll probably end up coloring it later and putting it back up.

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Tiny blog full of big things

First of all, Happy Three-Days-Belated Birthday to my idol and father figure, Gerard Way! 37 already... and still doesn't look a day past 20! (Except in that one selfie where he kinda looks like a dad, but that's probably because of the shirt. And the shorts. xD)

I would have posted when I was supposed to, but I have been sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking tired lately. Depression and blah... it sucked.

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Hi lovelies ^-^

How are you all doing? I'm having a bit of a rough night. I just feel really crappy about myself and I'm super tempted to get caught up in the binge/restrict cycle as a total distraction from life. The only thing that's stopping me is that I don't want to mess up my exams. I also think I like my close friend (we're still relatively new friends, we've only been talking for a month and a half or so) and I don't think that he likes me back. And studying all the time is exhausting. And yeah, things are kind of...meh, at the moment.

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Help me please???

Ok hi haha so my birthdays coming up on the 14th and my mom said i could pick out anything i want she told me something around twenty to fifty dollars 0-0 so i decided on a laser gun like the one's they use in the danger days album anyway they don't make them anymore and i was wondering if anyone was selling one please i really would like one and it's impossible to find if anyone could help me that would be greatly appreciated

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Mr. Sandman (Remix) - Blind Guardian

I love older music and Broadway musicals I also love older movies. My favorite older movies is horror like "House of Wax" with Vincent Pierce.

- CryBabyJerkins <3

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"The Tell Tale Heart" - Edgar Allan Poe

The Tell Tale Heart is one of my favorite Edgar Allan Poe stories. The story describes death, pain, and most of all insanity. The Raven is also another one of my favorites. Watch if you dare enjoy.

- CryBabyJerkins <3

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On my way

Hi :) I'm on the highway right now. My dad has a kind of USB with internet (the name in Spanish is Banda Ancha) that allows me to have internet so...
Hi everyone how are you? :)
P.S I like the picture, I don't know why

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Can you feel my heart.

I can't stop listening to this song.
It's what I'm feeling right now. I want to cry but I just can't, not now.

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Thought I would join the community because I have a love for music. I posted Come As You Are because, Nirvana is my number one favorite band of all times also because people should be "Hated for who they are, than be loved for who their not". Kurt Cobain quote I just changed it up a bit. Nirvana has a lot of great music that expresses felling's, sad that Kurt has been go for 20 years now but his music lives on. That's my opinion on the band. Fell free to express your opinions or comment.

- CryBabyJerkins

R.I.P. Kurt <3

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Just find out what happened to Chester Bennington (LP)...

in his childhood :/

this makes me so sad :(

poor guy

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haven't posted in a while

everything is such a mess. urgh

havent posted in so long it should be a crime. i used to post every single day.

im just depressed. and its getting worse.

how are YOU guys?

oh God... im seeing things again....

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I hate Saturdays

Well, I've had a terrible start to the day. I forgot to take my sleeping pills last night, so I never fell asleep. I was yelled at by my grandmother, whom I stay with over the weekends, for two hours. She wanted me to wear a rainbow polka dot outfit that reeked of basement. I wanted to wear my leather jacket, combat boots, and a plain black tee and pair of pants. I won, but it took so long that I didn't have time to have a cup of coffee. I now have to sit in the waiting area of a salon for half an hour like an animal on display. Without sleep or caffeine. Plus, apparently I have two hours of alter server practice then an actual mass to serve. I hate it, I hate Saturdays, I hate my routine, I hate getting yelled at, and I hate being called a flipping failure! I hate it all. Time to listen to music all day. Hope you have a better day than I do,
Screaming Corruption

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April 9th

By the "way" just for clarification I know his birthday was April 9th :)