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Failing 101: For the Lossers

Ok, so this is going to end mid chapter, but thats because I get limeted chances to post this, like this is my first that i had both internet and my laptop. (No way in HELL im typing this on a phone word for word. Love you guys, but i wouldent do that to save my guitars. And your only .00000000000000000000001 percent away from tieing with those. Sorry, still love you, not sorry.) So HERE WE GO! ENJOY IT!

Failing 101: For the Losers

Hey, Im Mathew Porter, and this is the story of how I went from top student, to the class fail. From never breaking a rule, to sitting in the police department. From being rejected by the nerds, to loved by the preps. Most of all, from going from zero, to hero. I am Mathew Porter, Kid who went from scared of girls, to winning the prom queen. All thanks to Daren Tints. My teacher, savior, and best friend. well, something along these lines. its a little exagerated, but youll see.

Chapter One: NEW KID!

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Any Killjoys Left?

Hey people anybody still on the site?

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Pasar aproximadamente media hora en una tina con agua caliente y oliendo a chicle gracias a las burbujas que compra mi madre, escuchando música de Alice Cooper, The Cure, My Chemical Romance, Slipknot, The Killers y Enjambre (gracias a unos viejos audífonos y un extensor de cable de unos 2 metros para impedir que mi móvil se moje).

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Bien, no se me ocurren qué palabras puedo usar, lo único que sé es que cometi un ERROR muy GRANDE... Tal vez un baño me ayude a buscar como expresar en palabras lo que siento.

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Rock of Ages

Doble E Doble Z Doble Flavo
Idk I just remembered this line of one of my fave. movies.
Has any one seen it?

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why not?

I haven't posted in a while but I was really glad that, after being gone a few days and missing my family, this site is as busy as ever so I thought i'd join in on Miss-Fit's idea :)

Favorite Food: Ribs

Best Childhood Memory: watching scoobydoo with my dad and eating stake-n-shake

Favorite animal: snakes

Favorite color: gray

Top three movies: The Illusionist, Oblivion, Inception

Top five artists/bands: MCR, SWS, PTV, Greenday, Secondhand Serenade

Favorite piece of clothing you own and why?: my leather jacket because I bought it really cheap and it drives my mom crazy when I wear it

Pet peeve: people chewing loudly

Season you like the best: Autumn

Do you wear glasses or contacts?: nope

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My feels

My feels right now. I cant hear some my chem songs without bursting into tears. Those words are so powerful and mean so much to me. This band has helped me through some really hard times. Im still in morning for them. They are the greatest band in my opinion and i believe their die hard fans would agree. Im so upset i only got to see them once but it was a great bad ass birthday present i wish i got a tour shirt i still kick myself for that. My dad was rushing me to get out though :/

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Hey :)

This was a cool Idea from Miss-fit to make us tal again so..

1)Favorite food? Pizza or barbiques

2) Best childhood memory? Burning a chiken piñata

3) Favorite animal? Sharks or dogs

4) Favorite color? Blue or red

5) Top 3 movies? Now you see me, Carrie, The counjourig

6) Top 5 musical artists/bands? MCR, Muse, Michael Jackson, Radiohead, Queen.

7) Favorite piece of clothing that you own and why? A cap. Idk, it remembers to me good times

8) Pet peeve(s)? Neighbors

9) Season/time of year you like the best? Autumn

10) Do you need or have glasses and/or contact lenses? I need glasses

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An Idea For A Story?

I had an idea for a story that I think I'll share here. The only problem is, I don't know if anyone would read it. Tell me if you would if enough like the idea I'll write a part and post a link here. :)

SO! Basically the idea is the popular cheerleader/directioner/hipster/not-actually-a-bitch girl falls for an "emo" guy, but (because I hate happy endings to most stereotyped stories(usually)) something happens and they don't end up together. He ends up with some is-actually-a-bitch girl and she gets some is-a-total-asshole guy. It will, of course, have way too many references, and I will (sadly) have to do research on One-fucking-Direction. (I actually don't hate them, but I'll have so much useless information on them!!) Her name will be Kaitlyn (nickname Kate) and his James, maybe? If it sounds like something you'd read tell me. Maybe I'll write it ;)

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My day and thoughts

Hey guys, how've you been?
I've been feeling pretty much shitty because of obvious reasons (school)
But again with my rant about...
SOCIETY!! YAY! (not really)

Okay so this is kinda just me looking for a place to air my dirty laundry and seek some advice, seeing as it actually helped a little last time and I have so much pepped up emotion that it's just....UGHKSDIKKLPXS!!

So 1# :
Social standards and expectations.

So hey guys, you know that moment when you're just seated in class minding your own business when you hear laughs and giggles and decide to look up only to see the "perfect pretty new girl" enjoying herself, chatting with almost everyone in class and notice you're the only one who's seated alone?
Well, welcome to the sad little world of Melissa.
It's pretty much ;get up, go to school, get weird looks and glares, take your seat and then realize you're sitting alone.
This literally happens everyday....

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Before I blow the dust in my eyes and off to glimmer slumber, I'm just responding to Jackie's earlier post (or was it yesterday's??)

Word of The Day:
Fast(-ing) -- it is a practice in which one avoids from eating and drinking from dawn until dusk. In certain religions such as Islam, it is also a practice in which one controls his/her urges, swears, desires and negative emotions from Subuh (time before sunrise) until Maghrib (time after sunset). (Why am I explaining this? Because I think it is best that one should learn another's cultures and beliefs to understand one another.)

Music of The Day:
Guilty All The Same by Linkin Park feat. Rakim

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So my gf told me she was bi a while ago now she said she likes another girl but wants to stay with me she also had a bit on the side which i ended but idk what to do now

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I could cry

I work at a horse stable for practical experience for University and my boss is so mean on the surface she is nice but in reality she i a bad mean unfair NOT careing witch! I really dont feel good i have headache stomchache and just feel horrible and at the stable we have to work hard and i just couldnt and she Said mean things to me an just Said i have to work or leave she just doesnt care that i dont feel good horses and humans have to work like machienes she thinks! And i dont even get money!
I dont want to feel bad but i cant do anything about it it just happened and i dont understand why she doesnt care!

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Favorite food: Sushi
Best Childhood Memory: eating potatoes with my cousin
Favorite Animal: Koala
Favorite color: Purple, blue, red, and black
Top Three Movies: Titanic, Norbit, and Coneheads
Top 5 Musical Artists/Bands: My Chemical Romance, Three Days Grace, Journey, The Used, and Bon Jovi.
Favorite Piece of Clothing and Why: My MCR shirt because it's comfortable.
Pet Peeve(s): The sound of people chewing and poor grammar xD
Season/Time of the Year You Like The Best: Fall or Winter
Do You Have Glasses or Contacts: Nope

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Hey Guys

In response to XxStraightJacketxX's idea:
Word of the Day - palpitation (idk my heart was beating pretty nuts today like whoa dude you ok? but I think it's bc of frnk's new song for the most part haha) (plus it's a cool word)
Song of the Day - "Weighted" by frnkiero and the cellabration, which I made sure to listen to on bbc radio1 and it's so amazing and I love all of frank's new stuff sososososo much :)
Movie of the Week - hmmm... idk I think this is a Hercules (Disney version) kind a week

But with Frank's new music I just wanted to bring up that I am so in love with all the guys' new music and I'm just so happy that they're working on their own projects and making things happen for themselves. So much new and fantastic music is coming from them!

May Death Never Stop You, Killjoys,