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Regarding my other blog

OK, regarding this blog here>>> <<

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I had such an amazing day, and such an awesome cake made by my brother featuring some of my favourite bands- the spider for mcr obviously, the hand heart grenade from green day's american idiot, the iron maiden and rolling stones logos, and the arctic monkeys AM cover line :)

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I'm so bored someone message me!!

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I don't even know anymore, my answer to everything is just shit

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Guess who made someone mad?

H great I've really done it now!! My boyfriend is mad at me

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1st day of school

It hasn't been bad at all though, I'm with one of my best friends in all classes and my classmates at first seem nice. BUT there's not any hot boy T-T hehehehe school is not only to study...

This is my last year of school, next year I'll go to the university, wish me luck biatches ;)

Pd. Here I leave this awesome pic of frnk bc why not? :3

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im soo bored.

im soo bored and totally fed up with school and its only Tuesday.

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Green day

Awesome band

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Anyone wanna chat?

Anyone wanna talk?

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Don't know if anyone's interested but I'm single

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Come on guys!!! I'm so bored

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Someone plz message me!!

Ugg soo bored

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It's only MOnday and so far I've already had 5 different people ask me who I was and I've been in their classes all year..... shows how much I socialize! haha. It's funny cause when we were little, one of the superpowers a lot of us always wanted was the ability to disappear. Aaaaaaaand we got our wish.

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I know I've posted like 5 billion times but I'm so bored!! Message me plz!!