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Thursday December 13, 2018
Posted by: BVB_Ryan_MCR

I'm back, Ill be continuing where i left off I guess just for a bit... I need to work things out atm and doing this simple little blog thing helps me think. If you remember me from two years ago, Hit me up!

Tuesday December 11, 2018
Posted by: xkamx5

Hey! I’m new here bc I’ve just a found the page, but I really love MCR so thought I can make an account;) hopely will get on here well :D

Monday December 10, 2018
Posted by: She's a bit late

So, I had no clue that there was a blog site for My Chem, but here I am?

Ummm, here's some facts about myself: My name's Elle and I've been a fan of MCR for literally forever!

Sunday December 09, 2018
Posted by: TheChemicalThrowAway

Hey guys, almost a year ago I posted saying I was going to military school, Well I'm back now, well kinda. I'm only gonna be around until I head out to basic training which is down in Georgia. SOOOOO yeah.. Plus I'm happy we are still getting new members here. Always glad to have someone join us.

Sunday December 09, 2018
Posted by: TheChemicalThrowAway

Did everyone see the the trailer for Umbrella academy, it's gonna be on netflix in February!!!

Saturday December 08, 2018
Posted by: Amy Dracula

I have a bit of a funny story that has stayed with me for a while, I thought this would be the perfect place to tell it.ok so.... when I was younger, my two sisters shared a bunk bed, and my eldest sister slept on the top. she put up a load of posters of the ceiling as it was close to her bed.

Wednesday December 05, 2018
Posted by: nevergenders

hey guys! how do you like gerard's new songs? baby you're a haunted house is my favorite.
speaking of new music i've been thinking about releasing some of my own music.

Tuesday December 04, 2018
Posted by: tothestratosphere

Another year and another bday! This year has really flown by, yeah, I know the month is not over, but jeez Well, like I wrote another bday also. Today I spent the day with my mother, and fam. I feel so happy and grateful to have them in my life.

Friday November 30, 2018
Posted by: veitgo

Hey people,
uhmmm... I don´t know what to write...
Iam new... I know MCR for 6 Months now and loven them.... the lyrics, the band, everything....
anyone has some tipps/ great vids?

Hi Leute,
uhmmm.... Ich weiß net, was ich schreiben soll...
Ich bin neu hier.... Ich kenne und liebe die Band nun

Friday November 30, 2018
Posted by: yuri.dawn

it's been five years. F I V E Y E A R S. i miss mcr. :(
i've been an avid listener since i was very young. some could say that gee was my first crush (haha).
do the guys ever, like, come to this website? i just joined soooo yeah.