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Blah blah blah, update time.

So I have been off this site for maybeeee a...week, now? And I really missed it and you guys, and the mcr fandom in general, and Im sooooo happy to be back and stuff. So...uhm...yay! Also, I just wanted to say, (before I begin my rant), that, if anyone else is bored and or depressed or happy or angry, or shit, I am always here. You dont even have to be like;
"Hey, wanna like, be friends?"

Just go;
"Damn it, well today was shitty thanks to don,"
And ill be like;
"Damn, what did that a$$hole do now?!"
No lie.. i feel like friendships dont have to be all formal and shit, Im open to anyone who is bored as hell and wants to talk.

And now for the rant/update;
So if any of you happen to care, I've just casually been going through school life this week and surprisingly, Its not that bad.
I mean, school is still "F*cking hell for ELEVEN GODDAMN HOURS", but alot is going on there.

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Guess he's to bizi

My bay hasn't messaged me all day

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My bay

My bay hasn't messaged me all day!! ):

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Haha Judgmental Bitches

Don't you just loooooooove3 them!!!!! XD haha!! there's a girl in my art class that's sitting a few seats away talking shit about me and my friends. haha!! Like we give a shit what you think! We're weird and PROUD!!!! XD ^~^ And us, and everyone that's weird should be PROUD to admit it!!!! so if you're weird and Proud, Just love yourself and don't pay any mind to the judgmental assholes out there!!! XD

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I'm so sick

I'm so sick.. I want to go to bed and never wake up!!

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Sigh... I just love being ignored!! Need to talk!! I'm so depressed!! I want to die!!

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I'm bored... Someone message me?