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there will be no Christmas. at least not for me

we dont have a tree. or a wreath. or even a light. we didnt have dinner together.

i havent seen a present, only those on the train that parent buy their other children.

is this what happens to the Christmas spirit when we're older?

well... its almost time anyway. i dont remember it being this depressing.

Merry Christmas.

imma go get something to drink. maybe ill get buzzed and sleep soundly tonight.

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True Happiness

So, what does true happiness mean to people anymore? I mean, every day you'll desire something else. And 9 out of 10 people won't get it. Or them. Or whatever it is. I'm never happy.. I haven't been for a while now.. I'm not happy knowing I fuck up everything. Even my body is killing itself off. So explain to me what true happiness is. I'd love to experience it for myself. Until then... I don't want to do a thing...


last one lol (for the night)

i need to get these contacts out and take off the eyeliner before i accidentally fall asleep with it on...

good night, dear children of the barricades










hi guys. Check my vital sighs and know.. i'm still alive


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New to the site.

Hey everyone, I'm new here, FINALLY found a site I think I'll feel at home. I am not your typical MCR die hard fan, if there are. (going to show my age now LOL). I am the mom of a 15 ( almost 16) year old.She does not share interests in music. We are close otherwise. Pretty bad when you have to listen to something special each day, I have 3, but MCR comes first. I know cheesy. I hope to make new friends here. XD

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I hate myself for the things I did... I just wish she knew... I don't know... I just wish I could show her... Somehow.. Someway... Make it up to her... I can't get my mind off her.... She's all I think about.. I haven't left my room in days... And i still have this song on repeat.. I can't even sleep... "Baby, I love you, I never wanna let you go...."Fuuuuck.. :'(

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Anyone else do this

Does anyone else ever see a picture of MCR and try to work out the year and era it was taken by their hairstyles and colour!?! I always do this for some reason
Merry Xmas

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Pixie Cut

If any of you read my post yesterday about the bad Great Clips haircut, you may already know that I am looking at getting a pixie cut. Today, actually. I'm going to a salon I trust (doing a walk in because it's too late to make an appointment and I don't wanna wait for one and go through Christmas with a bad haircut that makes me feel stupid). I may not get the lady I usually get, but there's two other ladies there and because the person I typically go to hired them, I trust them.

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We Should Share Our List of Top 2014

Since it's almost the end of the year, I thought we should write our Top 5 Stuffs of 2014 lists and share together our opinions why this and why that.
We can write as many categories as we want, from Best Songs to Worst Albums to Best Movies to Worst Games of this year. But to be even and short, we should put only 5 items in one category. This is what I want us to share together:

-Top 5 Best Movies of 2014 (Movies that deserved the top 5 spots)
-Top 5 Missed Movies of 2014 (Movies that aren't the worst; they are movies that missed the top 5 spots and only able to reach Top 6-10)
-Top 5 Hit PS4 Games of 2014 (PS4 Games that deserved the top 5 spots)
-Top 5 Hit PC Games of 2014 (PC Games that deserved the top 5 spots)
-Disappointing Games of 2014 (Games that didn't fulfill the hype)
-Top 5 Best Songs of 2014 (Best songs)
-Top 5 Honourable Best Songs of 2014 (Songs deserved to at least be mentioned)
-Top 5 Worst Songs of 2014 (Worst songs)

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hey guys im sorry for not posting a lot lately. well to begin with my update my mum is so annoying cus she took my phone and my laptop and my music away for no reason and i hate her for it cus music is what keeps me alive and the only thing that means the world to me. so yeah im like really mad at her for it but i got it back today so im just going to blast mcr as loud as i can cus its keeping me alive. also ive broke up from school for Christmas and thank god cus i hate those fake bitches at my school. they can be right sluts i mean some of them theres no point in wearing a skirt. also my parents still think i have an eating disorder when i don't so. that's annoying but that's my life really so yeah i hope you all are ok and stay strong anyone who is depressed and im always here and thinking of you all. (if that's not creepy) luv u.


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Hey guys!So a while back I posted about my brothers bullying me and I got some very good advice and want to thank everyone who tried to help.

Now, a while back I tried talking to my parents about it and they said they'd tell my brothers to stop it.
All of them stopped except one- ny brother Nick. He is still constantly harassing me and physically punching me and when I hit him back he begins to REALLY FIGHT me with like punches and kicks. I tell him to stop it and that that can be considered asault but he just says I'm being over emotional. Now, I HATE when people say this. I fucking hate it.
I have been called names, physically beaten, rejected and made fun of throughout my life and brushed it off. When someone makes a somewhat mean joke about me, I laugh and get over it because I know they're joking. But No. Just no.

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HI I need a little guidance...

so today I got my hair cut. Already my parents were against it but I really wanted to so they begrudgingly let me. I found a cute picture of what I thought I wanted and took it in. The stylist sort of listened to me, but I've learned that stylists tend to get angry when you start to micromanage, so I didn't say anything, pretended I liked it and left.
The haircut isn't even close to what I wanted, and she didn't even make my hair close to what was in the picture. Now, I recognize that she did part of what was in the picture, and I don't like the picture anymore. The only way to fix it is to go shorter. Now, I've always wanted a pixie cut and I recognize that this would be the ideal opportunity, but mom was all like "What are you trying to accomplish with cutting your hair so short?!" well I'm not trying to prove anything, I just like it short because it's easier. And now I'm afraid to go back and fix it because I don't want more yelling.

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Since I can't tell her I'm sorry this is my apology to her. I hope one day she'll forgive me... I miss her so... I just want her to tell me she's okay.. that's all I want..